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A complete range of drum filters

Drum filters H serie

DRUM FILTER ROTOCLEAN 80 cm Ø flow rate up to 486 m3 /h (2140 gpm) at 100 μ. The H models are compact filters designed specifically for closed circuit of fish farm installations, hatchery or laboratory.

Drum filters A serie

DRUM FILTER ROTOCLEAN 120 cm Ø flow rate up to 760 m3/h (3350 gpm) at 100 μ.

Drum filters M serie

DRUM FILTER ROTOCLEAN 160 cm Ø flow rate up to 2700m3/h (11900 gpm) at 100μ. The 160 series has been designed for the fish farms where there are strict requirements for the filtration of outgoing effluent flows, large aquariums with filtration flow rate of 26μ in closed circuit.

Main features

The operating system is pretty simple : water to be filtered is directed into a rotating drum.
The outer surface of the drum is constructed with a number of stainless steel frames covered with stainless steel mesh.
Suspended solids larger than the perforations unable to pass throught the mesh are retained in the drum.


The slowly rotating drum (3 to 8 t/min, depending on the model) separates the solids from the water and discharges the solids throught a discharge hopper located at the left of the drum as indicated on sketch.


Garin filters are designed to resist all corrosion, due to their construction entirely of stainless steel AISI 304L for fresh water, and AISI 316L for salt water all parts of the filter have been engineered and calibrated for their specific duty (duplex stainless for special use). Garin drum filters are constructed with minimum of moving parts and are belt driven (BDS System).


Maintenance is reduced to a minimum. The efficiency of the design is contained within the construction of the stainless filter plates which are integrated into a strong stainless steel framework. Replacement of filter plates is possible in a few minutes due to the exclusive design. The filter plates are easy to clean and to replace on the drum unit. Garin offers a complete range of working filters which are strongly made and economic to operate

drum filter, drum filters, drumfilter, drumfilters, rotary drum filter, rotoclean drum filter, microscreens

The highest reliability for the lowest operating cost

Despite the extreme strength of their frame and drum, other technical features make the difference between a Garin drum-type filter and any other make even greater.
Since 2011, our only concern has been to build the most reliable, efficient drum filter on the market. As customers around the world can bear witness, our filters are more than able to run for several years, 24 hours a day, with lower maintenance requirements, in fresh water and sea water alike !!


Robustness with stainless Steel mesh
1- First of all an exclusive plate system entirely in stainless steel. The bonded fabric stretched on stainless steel supports is able to last several years !! in both fresh and sea water !

Flexibilty, simplicity and less energy with a belt
2- Our system of driving the drum by POLY-V belt, it has demonstrated how efficient and how free maintenance it is. With a belt start and stop are soft

Reliability with a strong design
3- NOTHING is left to chance, the back bearing on drums was designed in our design department. We could not find a bearing strong enough and resistant to corrosion, so we decided to build one. And the result is all we’d hoped for, the swivel bearing is selflubricating.

Our Portfolio

Mechanical filtration for recirculation system, inlet and outlet water farm. Flow rate up to 2700m3/h and filtration as fine as 26µ.
Some of our awesome completed projects in below.